Research & Development

Research & Development
A department to look after testing and verification during the planning and production of the products produced by Nobil Metal, especially alloys and solders but also comprising ceramics, composites and other materials which may be produced. 

The work of the Research Centre has primarily targets as the evaluation of the chemical, physical, mechanical and biological aspects of the materials, both at the project stage and during the various production phases. In particular, the cellular cultures laboratory is able to assess the cellular behaviour of alloys and solders, meaning that the cytotoxicity of every alloy and solder can be ascertained and certified (this data can be found in the Nobil Metal alloys chart). 
The Nobil Metal Research Centre assists and supplements the customer service work of the Education Centre by analysing, from a chemical, mechanical and biological viewpoint, the devices which have been sent for technical evaluation. The Research Centre makes use of the facilities and the equipment of Nobil Bio Ricerche Srl, a company based in Portacomaro d'Asti, specialising in the study of and research into the surface characterisation and modification of medical devices. 

The technology at the disposal is the most advanced that science has to offer, including such analytical techniques as: atomic force microscope (AFM), surface spectroscopy analysis (XPS), UV and IR spectroscopy and HPLC chromatography for release studies. Three plasma reactors are available for surface modification and decontamination, located inside a class 10000 white room, with a dedicated layout for the surface treatments.

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