KERAMIT NP - One alloy, three technologies

Since 1988 millions of prosthetic elements have  been produced in non-precious alloys by Nobil-Metal. 

With KERAMIT NP (ingots) we conceived a Co-Cr dental casting alloy appreciated by many dental technicians, compatible with the most popular ceramics.

KERAMIT NP-S in powder form is the natural evolution of the casting alloy, dedicated to the laser sintering process.

With SINERGIA DISK KERAMIT NP (discs to be milled) we complete the application range. 

Now we are able to offer one alloy for all dental  production  technologies, with the same chemical composition and therefore the same  technical characteristics and the related benefits.

safe: the alloy is widely compatible with many veneering porcelains due to its optimized CTE 25-500°C 13.9 x 10-6 K-1
stable: because of the excellent density obtained with the perfect adaption to the respective production technology
economical: easy to mill, finish and polish
Hardness: 285 HV 10/30 (softer than the major part of the co-cr alloys on the market)
Thickness: 10 / 12 / 13.5 / 15 / 18 mm

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