Attachments LV

Attachments LV

Nobil Metal is dedicated and recognized to the production of PM alloys, solders and attachments, since the late 60’s. 

In 2015 a new system of fully compatible and improved attachments, called ATTACHMENTS LV (Leghe Venturini), has been launched. 

8 groups of up-to-date Attachments, including: extracoronal, sagittal, telescopic friction, axial, radicular, bars, hinges, connectors & screws, all developed and produced by Nobil Metal with several own NM alloys. 

The attachments are actualized, compatible, produced with improved new materials. Thanks to new production technologies they are economical and long lasting. The attachment conception has been optimized for CAD CAM design and production techniques. 

This is the result of several years of in-house research & development, complete Italian high-tech precision production, supported by a full technical worldwide E-support.

Digital Library

STL file available for the main CAD modeling software.


To download the library for the software DentalCAD by exocad® please click here


To download the library for the CAD software 3Shape please click here


To download the library for the CAD software dental wings please click here



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