Keramit NP-S

Keramit NP-S is a co-cr based dental alloy for laser sintering process. It is the natural evolution of the casting alloy.

Nobil Metal has a long experience in the field of powder metallurgy: in 1988 the company was one of the first dental companies in the world to achieve the atomization process for the production of dental alloy powders.

Nickel and Berillium free. Completely safe, stable and economical.

We are able to offer all alloys present in the catalogue in powder form.

The entire production process is always EN ISO 9001-13485 certified

Chemical composition

Co Cr W MoSi Nb
63.0% 24.0% 8.0% 3.0%1.0% 1.0%

Technical data

Density g/cm³


Yield strength MPa


Melting range °C


Elongation %


Tensile strength MPa

650 - 740

CTE 25-500°C-25-600°C 10-6K-1

13.9 - 14.0

Modulus of elasticity GPa


Vickers hardness HV10/30


Metal ceramic bonding MPa

> 40

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