The SINERGIA project
SINERGIA is the CAD/CAM project by Nobil Metal, an important challenge after decades as a precious alloys manufacturer. It started up in 2007 as a complete CAD/CAM system dedicated to dental technicians who wanted their activity to step into the future. SINERGIA’s aim is to create an effective and profitable synergy among all the actors of the dental device chain, from manufacturer to dental technician, to dentist and patient.
SINERGIA program offers:
In-house optical scanner called SINERGIASCAN CNC milling machine from imes-icore (Nobil Metal is the official distributor for Italy)  Production Centre in outsourcing (Laser meltin, prototyping, milling and a wide choice of dental materials)  Qualified training and quick support service 
SINERGIA is based on a clear philosophy: the OPEN system where “OPEN” means 
that the output files from SINERGIASCAN are non-encrypted files = they can be sent for production to any compatible CAM system/milling center  that our production center can receive all non-encrypted files = it can work SINERGIA files and all other “open” files In practice, this allows the dental lab who is working in SINERGIA, to be free to choose his outsourced production partner according to what he’s offering (quality, price, delivery time, range of materials) or to manage his production in-house with our equipment.

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