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Education Center "Daniele Venturini"
Since 2000 Nobil Metal, driven by the late President Daniele Venturini, has sought to institutionalise and coordinate all training, consultancy and technical assistance activity in a single department: the Education Center “Daniele Venturini” (EC).  The EC has three main roles: technical support, customer service, training.  Our training centre consists of a fully-equipped dental laboratory for running the activities on fixed prostheses, mobile prostheses and new technology (scanner and milling machines). It is avaiable a 40-seat conference room.
Technical support
This work is intended to support the project, research and development of Nobil Metal products as well as those of other brands marketed by Nobil Metal. Before a product is launched, it is tested both internally and by external consultants to identify the ideal operating protocols for obtaining the best possible results. During the production stages of a new alloy or other material, the EC laboratory produces samples, as required by the applicable ISO standard; these are subjected to mechanical (modulus of elasticity, tensile strength, elongation, tensile strength, hardness), biological (corrosion and cytocompatibility), thermal (expansion and melting range) and structural tests (crystal lattice and metal-ceramic adhesion). After these test phases, the material is ready to be assessed by external consultants on real cases, before being released onto the market.
Customer service
The EC ensures that dental technicians get the right support for using the devices in their daily routines. A team of qualified and experienced technicians respond promptly to the various requests or queries which may arise during the project and finishing phases of the prosthesis. The issues they are required to deal with are extremely varied: from information on how to use a product or a system to how to resolve problems encountered during the various processes (with both fixed and mobile prostheses).  When a problem is discovered with a prosthesis, a macrophoto is immediately taken and the potential causes are analysed. Possible solutions are then drawn up and advice is sent to the client in a detailed report (in technical, chemical, physical and mechanical terms), together with diagrams and photos from the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).  Thanks to this process, the dental technician can deal with any problems which may arise during their work with complete peace of mind.
The EC aims to provide the best possible training and information to both business partners and clients.  When it comes to medical devices, the correct use of the product is essential.  To this end, training is enriched through the development of ever-closer cooperation with experts who are leaders in their field, such as university lecturers, private and public research bodies and professionals in the sector.  Subjects range from mobile prostheses to fixed ones, new materials and technologies whilst still keeping the health of the patient at the forefront.

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