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SINERGIASCAN: optical in-house scanner

The Nobil Metal branded scanner has got an attractive hi-tech design which gives unique functionality: to work with big volumes including models in articulation.

Its outstanding features:

  • Optical scanner with structured light technology
  • As no laser light is working it is not a dangerous device
  • It works in the natural light without any negative effect on the image quality
  • Open case
  • Big volumes and models in articulation can be scanned
  • Well-built and solid
  • The only moving part is the rotating plate and this makes it a solid equipment
  • No frequent calibration is needed
  • User-friendly scanning software
  • Fast
  • Intuitive icons
  • Guided process for newcomers

Our scanner is completed by the modeling software exocad® by Fraunhofer.

Good advantages for the users:

  • No mandatory user licence: updates can be purchased yearly. If not, the software keeps on working with the original version

  • Output file: STL standard. Complete freedom in choosing your production partner

   exocad® has available different add-on modules for all the lab needs.

Our scanner is available in two versions: Plus & Advanced Plus.


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