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Quality policy

Nobil Metal gets another quality certification

On 26th January 2006, Nobil Metal S.p.A., one of the leading companies in the dental sector, received certification for the ISO 13485 self-supporting standard, following the audit carried out by the body Certiquality. 

This standard refers in detail to the operation of medical devices and certifies that the company uses a quality management system based on procedures, recordings and "documented requirements" which ensure that the product characteristics comply with risk analysis management system. 

The C.E.O. of Nobil Metal S.p.A., Giuseppe Venturini, commented "This certification completes a demanding journey for our company, which began in 1998, initialising a regulated and certified quality system in order to be able to give greater guarantees to our clients".

The certification is a further guarantee that manufacturers of custom-made medical devices provide to users of Nobil Metal products; it gives the certainty that the products used by them have been tested for their patient safety, according to controlled manufacturing procedures.

CE Certificates

There are two CE marking certificates, one for each Medical Device "family".

The number 0546 after the CE mark identify the Notified Body who issued the marking: Certiquality. The certificates validity is of 5 years from emission date.

ISO Certificate

Nobil Metal Certificate complying with international ISO 13485 "Medical Devices – Quality Management Systems" standards. 

The certificate validity is of 3 years from emission date. 

The Notified Body who issued the certificate is Certiquality.

Certiquality is recongnized by the IQNet international circuit.


  • Noble and non noble alloys for dental and medical use, solders and accessories included. Gold materials and sintering dental alloys. Dental ceramics and bonding, PMMA discs for provisional, composites for cementing technique, non precious alloys for casting, laser melting and CAD/CAM milling.
    (78 KB.)
  • Attachments, connection systems and accessories for dental use.
    (66 KB.)
  • Development, manufacturing and sale of alloys, products and accessories for dental use. Manufacture of semi-finished products in several materials by CAD/CAM system for dental technicians.
    (127 KB.)

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