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DIVA ceramic system


DIVA is the new metal-ceramic system conceived, produced and distributed by Nobil Metal. 

A course completely made in Italy. Perfectly compatible with the CAD / CAM production in Co-Cr alloy (whether milled or made by laser melting or laser sintering technique). Its wide CET allows its use with the main traditional precious alloys on the market. 

DIVA is the result of 25 years of experience in the dental ceramic field and of constant dialogue with the dental laboratory.

Feldspathic based material, with firing temperatures at 920°, low shrinkage and easy handling (build up) 

The available shades are A2 / A3 / A3.5 / B2 / B3 / C3 / D3. 

They represent 44% of the VITA® shade range and you can realize 84% of the prosthetic veneering. 

The less common shades can be realized by mixing the masses of the above mentioned shades. 

Liquids and stains, which complete the masses in powder, are that one of Performance line and it is included also the one-masse concept, i.e. Speed. 

46 masses in 2 dispensers in metal for holding the components, suitable for wall hanging, too. 

For the laboratory the choice of the right masses means:

a) Easy layering 

b) Reduction of learning time of the system 

c) Reduction of material in stock

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