"A smile makes the difference."

GLAM ceramic system


GLAM is born from the need to combine the entire metal free world into a single ceramic system.


This concept, simple (only 45 masses!), logical and performing, enables the realization of the aesthetic both on zirconium oxide structures that lithium disilicate.


The available shades are A1 / A2 / A3 / A3.5 / B1 / B3 / C1 / C3 / D2 / D3.


The chemical bond between the zirconium oxide structure and the veneering porcelain is guaranteed by Zr connect mass, available in Milky, Khaki, Orange and Purple shade.


To mix GLAM powders, MDL and Performance liquids can be used.


MDL Glaze and Shades are suitabe for the final characteriziation of the restorations made in:


·         DIVA

·         GLAM


·         Zirconium oxide

·         Lithium disilicate


Reducing to the essential means


·         simplify the build-up

·         stock reduction

·         shorten the times of system knowledge


Do not stop in front of the appearance: with GLAM you will have the opportunity to touch the substance, without compromises.


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