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F.I.B. Fast Implant Bar


F.I.B. comes from an intuition (patented) of two Italian technicians: Stefano BREDA and Fabio GANDOSSI.

The systematic F.I.B. simplifies and speeds up the work phases in the realization of prosthetic structures for immediate loading (and is compatible with all implant systems). The components are produced by the laser melting technique with Co-Cr powders (Keramit NP-S, Nobil Metal), which guarantees high purity, homogeneity and biocompatibility of the individual elements.

Each kit consists of a series of components that, adapted and assembled, make up a biocompatible metal structure (ALL ON 4 and ALL ON 6), suitable to the various types of implants used.

The ADD ON kits allow to integrate the missing pieces without scraps, by using all pieces.


  • Versatility for several of immediate loading protocols
  • Possibility of classic soldering or welding
  • Time reduction (no castings)
  • Cost reduction (no investment in technology or equipment)
  • Accuracy and passivation of the structure (by gluing)
  • Rigidity and resistance of the structure (laser sintered Co-Cr)
  • Possibility of use as a permanent prosthesis (also thanks to the posterior cantilevers)
  • Possibility of performing all prosthetic steps in the dentist’ studio
  • Ten-year clinical experience

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