"A smile makes the difference."

Performance Speed

To meet the needs of the dental technician, always asking for cost-effective and quick solutions but with excellent results, Nobil Metal has conceived Performance Speed, which completes the ceramic range.

100% compatible with all Performance and Performance Press masses.

The aesthetic solution with the best quality-cost ratio on the market!

2 kit are available, add-on speed and complete speed

Add-on kit includes:

  • 3 masses 1-3 (20 gr each) 
  • 4 fluore stain in paste AL-DL (3 gr each) 
  • 1 liquid L (50 ml) 
  • Instructions for use Performance Speed

Complete kit includes:

  • 2 opaque in paste (4 gr each) 
  • 3 masses 1-3 (20 gr each) 
  • 6 fluore stain in paste A-D (3 gr each) 
  • 1 glaze LF in paste (5 gr) 
  • 1 liquid for opaque (20 ml) 
  • 1 liquid L (50 ml) 
  • Instructions for use Performance Speed 
  • Instructions for use Performance

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