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Light curing pattern resin

Underwax is the innovative pattern resin that, thanks to its high stability, prevents from the serious drawbacks of distortion noticed following the conventional technique (wax-up).

Underwax belongs to STRATEGIC - LINE, the protocol that considers all the process technical phases, from the development of the model to the metal - ceramic interface, and which, used as a reference, guarantees a continuity of the result.





Does not leave residuals after preheating of the ring.

Light curing using lamps with a wave length between 350 nm and 500 nm.


Rigid wax-ups

As alternative to wax for immersion or thermoplastic copings

Conic and telescopics crowns

Implant sub structures

When precise connections between modelled pieces are required


Elimination of undercuts from stone dies


The modelled piece carried out with UNDERWAX must be considerably reduced to have less resin inside the investment mass. It is recommended not to exceed a thickness of 1 mm; should a larger thickness be necessary, proceed with the polymerisation inlayers (1 mm at a time).

If necessary, interrupt the resin copings by carrying out cuttings (vestibular lingual), which will then be united with wax: in this way, a correct expansion is obtained during setting of the investment and of the entire modelled piece. We recommend using a traditional investment following the manufacturer's suggested firing cycles to allow a complete calcination of the resin components.

«Speed» investment: speed investments, like Proper- Vest Fast NF by Nobil Metal, are recommended for minimal masses and strictly observing the manufacturer's directions. Using a speed investment, carry out a slow, conventional preheating cycle.

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