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Polishing Kits

Nobil Metal Polishing Kit R

Nobil Metal Polishing Kit

Two separate polishing kits recommended for:

  • Polishing Kit R – recommended mainly for resins, gold and composites (87 pieces)

  • Polishing Kit C – recommended for ceramics (119 pieces)

The polishing stage is among the most critical and delicate for the dental laboratory. It must produce a smooth surface to stop plaque from bonding to the prosthetic device but it should not alter, particularly for fixed prosthetics, the surface texture created by the dentist.

Nobil Metal Polishing Kit C

The Polishing Kits specifically designed by Nobil Metal S.p.A., thanks to advice from our own technical consultants, have been created to provide the dentist with a targeted selection of abrasives for rough-shaping, finishing, smoothing and polishing various types of materials used to produce prosthetic devices.

These useful tools are sold in practical packaging, the ergonomic shape of which fits easily into drawers of the work-bench. The various abrasives which together make up the Polishing Kit are arranged in compartments which allow for easy removal.

Advantages of the Polishing Kit:

  • Wide range of different shapes of abrasives
  • Specific abrasives not only for working with resins, gold and composites, but also ceramics
  • Abrasives with silicon or combined with a special silicon which reduces wear.
  • Does not mix
  • Uniform wear
  • Lenticular and wheels in the ceramic kit are non-contaminating, keeping the section of ceramic worked on free from impurities
  • Various granulometries to cover all work requirements
  • Non-contaminating separating disks, easier to use thanks to their elasticity

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