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Performance® System

Performance® System is the complete and innovative ceramic system by Nobil Metal proposing a wide range of masses dedicated to the conventional layering PFM technique (Performance®). 

A wide programme of universal alloys manufactured by Nobil Metal is available for PFM techniqus. The choice is even on Silver-Palladium alloys having similar costs to NP metals.

Performance® is a dental ceramic with high CTE with low fusing temperature.

Ceramic system features:

  • Easy handling
  • Adaptable to 3 different working techniques
  • Wide range of ceramic masses 
  • Wide choice of compatible universal alloys by Nobil Metal from warm yellow to white colour
  • Compatible alloys with very light oxide layer
  • Chromatic matching among the several ceramic masses
  • Excellent aesthetic quality of the low fusing dental ceramic
  • Organic pigment content
  • "V" shade system
  • No discolouring with silver based alloys
  • Thermally stable even after several firings
  • Minimum shrinkage

Technical data

Chemical features

Glass ceramic aluminium-silicate pigmented
Physical features:

Flexural strength. MPa

Solubility µg/cm3

Opaque: = 130  
Dentin/Enamel: = 85
Add-on: =75

Opaque:= 40
Dentin/Enamel: = 30

Add-on: = 25
Firing temp. Paste opaque (1a and 2a firing)

800 °C

Firing temp. Dentin/Enamel (1a and 2a firing)
780 °C / 770 °C
Firing temp. Glaze

730 °C
Add On
720 °C

2 and 5 grams
CTE LF alloys (Universal)

15,7-17,0 x 10-6 K-1 (25 – 500 °C)

Recommended furnaces for PFM:

ELLIPSE (Ugin‘ Dentaire)
ARTIS (Ugin‘ Dentaire)
LECTRA PRESS (Ugin‘ Dentaire)

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