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About us

The origins of Nobil Metal dates back to the 1920’s.

It was at that time that Daniele Venturini, the founder of the Company, started to devote his time to dental alloys and solders, whose real development started during the first post war period. Metal Nob, the initial Company name, was immediately recognised at a regional level and subsequently at national level. The strong passion and continued efforts aimed at perfecting the product brought about the development of an innovative material, unique in the world: solder with flux incorporated.

These years saw the birth of monophase alloys, with micrograin structure (average grain size 10-15 µm) obtained by adding small quantities of elements to their formulation, such as iridium and ruthenium, known as "grain refiners", to obtain a product with mechanical properties and a corrosion resistance definitely superior.

To the present day Nobil Metal alloys make use of Strip Cast technology, a system that uses a single "continuous casting machine". Strip Cast operates up to 2,000°C in a controlled atmosphere with the help of gas, which prevents oxidation of the alloys during the casting phase. This guarantees the conformity of the chemical, physical and mechanical parameters of the alloys and assures a constant production of lots with a subsequent homogeneity, workability and reliability of the manufactured prosthetic product.

Today Nobil Metal, which extends over a covered area of approx. 6,000 m2, is the leader among other Companies in this sector, producing almost two hundred types of dental alloys and solders and highly regarded by thousands of Dental Technicians in over fifty countries throughout the world.

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